Sri Sarvadeva Paramjyoti Dharmasamathapak Kalki sath santhana Pradatha, Natham

Open from 08.00 a.m to 08.00 p.m on all days.


Our vision is to give shoulder to Aum Sri Paramjyothi to fulfill His Sankalpa of changing this world with His Abundant Grace.


Our mission is to take His message and His countless miracles to the nook and corner of this globe and thereby alleviate the sufferings of the people across the world through spiritual activities like Prayers alongwith Sankeerthans and through social activities like medical camps and environment-friendly activities like plantation of saplings thereby recharging the mother earth.


Born to Serve


Recent Prarthana

1 January

Subrabadha Seva

Prayers are done to well come the prosperous new year.

1 January

Vigna Nirmoola Prarthana

Prayers are done to remove all obstacles in our life.

1 March


On the eve of Sri Bhagavan’s Birthday, Laksharchana will be conducted.